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May 14, 2020

HOX – Buy Wholesale Winter Jackets

Winter is coming. Okay, maybe not that soon. However, it is always a good idea to shop fall and winter clothing during spring or summer. That’s the moment when you can have the best selection of the last-year unsold collections, and the prices are much lower due to the decreased seasonal demand.

What’s So Special about HOX Jackets?
HOX is a young and relatively unknown manufacturer of jackets for men and women. Its style is simple and practical. HOX jackets normally come in just one colour, with no prints or external elements. Their colour scheme (navy blue, olive green, white, grey and silver) resembles the palette of nature, the brand’s key source of inspiration. Many models are waterproof.
Having a simple and minimalistic design, HOX jackets boast enhanced durability, warmth and universality of use. They are chosen by both office workers, who seek a practical everyday solution, and mountain hikers, who need reliable outerwear for conquering any height.

Brand Vision of HOX
HOX is an Italian outerwear brand inspired by the simplicity and purity of nature. It self-defines its vision as:

“Born in the land of fashion.
Inspired by the mountains.
Respecting the wreaking power of nature.
Obsessed by the industrial perfection.
In love with the details”

From the HOX official website

Buy Wholesale HOX Winter Jackets

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