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For Brands

Create a new opportunity out of your unsold items, grow your awareness in new markets and expand your horizons and your brand equity.

What we can achieve together

By developing together a new distribution system we will be able to tailor it to your brand and brand identity. We will achieve it through clarity and transparency in our distribution, an approach that will bring success to all parties, trusted clients, and a strong, long-lasting contract.

For Brands Unsold Items - New Distribution

How we operate

Our highly digitalised supply chain is ready to process incoming orders at any moment. This is made possible by having a data driven company and a hi-tech logistics team able to make drop shipments.

Our team has also successfully helped establish Take Off as a leader in the Eastern European markets thanks to their deep expertise on the distribution models.

The Take Off Family

Here is why our suppliers are happy with working alongside us.

Supplier since 2018

"We trust Take Off to always pick our best pieces due to their many years of experience in the field"

Giulio Palozza
- Wholesale Director

Supplier since 2016

"Take Off have been our clients for around 6 years - we could not ask for better ones"

Gaetano Casillo
- Retail Merchandising Manager

Supplier since 2020

"We sell Take Off only the best product we have to offer"

Greta Villella
- Sales Director

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