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About Us

Take Off is a B2B Fashion Wholesale trading company that is
proud to be part of the sustainable
ecosystem of the fashion industry.

We are specialised in the B2B wholesale distribution of off-price apparel, shoes, accessories, and home décor from 150+ of the best Italian and European brands.

Established in 2015, Take Off has become the market leader in Eastern Europe with more than 21 million items sold.

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Looking after our planet

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, with 49 billion garments produced each year that are never sold, reinforcing the unsustainable linear economy that has distinguished the fashion industry for many years.

At Take Off we have decided to do our share to decrease these numbers and create a sustainable, circular economy through the digitalisation and innovation of our working methods.

Sustainable B2B Wholesale Distribution
Take Off History - B2B Wholesale Distribution

Our mission is to make the fashion sector more sustainable and redistribute every clothing item produced and left unsold in the warehouses.

Alona Andruk - CEO & Founder

Our Social Commitment

Hence why we encourage our Team to take part in our Corporate Social Responsibility Program and why we have pushed for circular economy, sustainability and gender equality since day one.

Take Off B2B Wholesale Distribution Social Commitment

As sustainability is core to our values, we have chosen to work with Nature Trust Malta, which organises clean-up activities across Malta. We work with them on removing rubbish from our natural landscapes and raising awareness about the disproportionate use of packaging, plastics, and anything else that can become litter at the end of their lives.

Take Off B2B Wholesale Distribution Social Commitment

Removing waste from our natural environment and raising awareness about the disproportionate use of packaging and plastics with Nature Trust Malta

Take Off B2B Wholesale Distribution Social Commitment

Working with Hal Far Outreach, we donate clothes to men, women and children who seek refuge in Malta. We recognise that no one chooses to be a refugee, and we want to empower them by giving them the freedom to choose what they want to wear. With new clothes comes new opportunities and the power to embark on a fresh start within our community.

Take Off B2B Wholesale Distribution Social Commitment

Donating clothes and empowering those who seek refuge with Hal Far Outreach

Our Results

Annual Growth

Every year we expand a further 30%, which has led the best private equity fund in Malta to invest in our company in 2018.

Fashion Brands

We work with all types of brands - from mass-market to premium - to save as many garments as possible.

Happy Customers

We are present in 57 countries, with a focus on Eastern Europe and outlying towns.

Our Team

Everything that Take Off does and has achieved is due to our amazing team – they
are what makes our company so special and successful.

Alona Andruk


Cristian Pistamiglio

Chief Operating Officer

Nawaelle Belkacemi

Head of Buying and Business Ventures

Maksym Andrushchenko

Head of Sales

Maksym Korzhenevskyi

Chief Financial Officer

Rasim Huseinov

Head of Data & Analytics

Zhenga Hu

Budgeting, Reporting & Compliance Manager

Greta Villella

On-line Sales Manager

Sergey Pilipchuk

Sales Manager

Claudia Bruno

Sales Manager

Clara Daghini

e-Commerce Store Manager

Alexandr Proshkin

Sales Back Office Specialist

Emanuela Bernardini

Buying Account Specialist

Antonella Pinto

Buying Account Specialist

Nadia Troisi

Flash Sales Specialist

Anastasiia Nokhrina

Export Specialist

Sergio Schittone

Financial Assistant

berk picture
Berk Boyraz

Transportation, Import & Export Specialist

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