• What is Take Off?

    Take Off is a B2B trading company specialized in wholesale distribution of off-price brand clothing, shoes, accessories and home décor items.

    We are market leaders in Eastern Europe and we have worldwide recognized partners.

    Our brand portfolio includes a wide range of more than 150 brands in premium, medium and mass-market segments.

    With a part of those brands we have exclusive distribution contracts.

  • How long does it take an order to be ready?

    There are 2 types of orders:

    The first type of order:
    The goods are already collected, prepared for shipment, which is sold as a whole lot.
    Such goods are ready for shipment immediately, the client can pick it up immediately after payment.

    The second type of order:
    The goods have not yet been prepared for dispatch, these are goods that are not yet packed in boxes or goods that are on sale “to choose from” and the customer needs to be collected and packaged.

    The preparation time for such goods depends on the volume of the order, as well as on the workload of the logistics at a certain point in time.

    Estimated preparation time for this type of order: up to 10 working days.

    The exact date of the readiness of the goods will be notified by the Supply Chain Manager during the acceptance of the order.

  • Should I do a pre-payment?

    The main part of the offers is an already prepared product. Customers pay 100% of the amount immediately before the goods are shipped.
    If the order contains goods that need to be collected separately for logistics, then the customer pays only a deposit of 20% before the beginning of the assembly of goods.
    The remaining 80% is paid by the customer just before the goods are shipped.

  • A minimum order is required?

    Take Off is a large wholesale company and that is why we accept only large orders.

    After buying large lots of goods from Brands, the company divides them in medium lots, which would satisfy the needs of different customers.

    Often the minimum amount of the lot is 2.000-3.000 units for a single brand.

  • Is it possible to buy a lot with 500 units?

    Sometimes it is possible to allow the customer to buy a lot with 500 units. You should contact us to find together the best solution for your business.

    If the client does not have a sub-optimal minimum order for a certain brand, then the company managers will gladly provide the contacts of one of the wholesale partners of the company who can buy the same product but in smaller quantities.

  • What happen if I discover a defective item?

    Take Off always cares about the quality of products delivered, only the latest collections are included in the company’s assortment and company’s buyers avoid buying “returns from stores”.

    However, if a defective item has been found, the client should contact one of our Manager. It is necessary to provide detailed information on each defective unit, as well as photos that show the nature of the damage.

    After considering all the information, the company assumes the obligation to compensate for the value of defective items.

    Compensation occurs by transferring the amount to the customer’s bonus account, which can be used when you do any future orders.

  • Is it possible to pay for goods in logistics and immediately pick it up?

    Take Off Ltd. works only by trackable bank transfer. After having seen the goods at the logistics, the client can do a bank transfer to the company’s account and, immediately, we will organize the shipment of the goods.

    Take Off Ltd. does not work with cash payment.

  • Can I see the product in person?

    Yes, any product can be viewed live at the logistics in Italy. You only need to set the time and day with the manager that will assist you and determine the list of goods to view.
    Since different products may be located at different logistics, a personal manager will help you to plan the route, as well as organize your stay in Italy.

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