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Brand Identity Protection in the World of Off-Price Fashion

25 July 2022

When done right, Off-Price has the power to find revenue in previously missed opportunities, increases the lifetime of products, and avoid products ending up burnt or in landfill. Take Off is committed to helping brands navigate the world of off-price fashion while ensuring a brand’s reputation is preserved and promoting a brand’s commitment to sustainability. 

While it is undeniable that off-price fashion provides unprecedented opportunities for brands, in the past, off-price channels had been seen as potentially detrimental to a brand’s identity and reputation, causing some brands to shy away and miss out on an attractive solution to their excess stock.


In the world of fashion, brand identity is key to growth and success, with most business owners recognising the importance of developing a strong brand identity and reputation for their business. That is why it is imperative that when entering new markets, you make strategic decisions to protect it, which include choosing high-quality partners, like Take Off, who understand the importance of protecting brand identity within the world of off-price fashion.


Clarity and Transparency in our Distribution

At Take Off, we see clarity and transparency as vital to building a strong relationship with our brands. We believe that by giving a holistic view of our distribution channels, we instil confidence that we are getting you the most value from your unsold stock, building trust and setting the foundations for a long and prosperous relationship.


Developing Together a New Distribution System

We understand that when it comes to brand identity, brands typically know what is best for their own brand. That is why we seek to form a collaborative partnership. We take our expert knowledge of the off-price sector as well as the European and Eastern European markets and combine that with the goals and vision for their brand, and together, we develop a distribution system that gets you the most value for the brand.


Deciding Directly With Brands in Which Countries We Can Sell Their Clothes

We have a meticulous onboarding process that seeks to give you confidence in the protection of your brand identity. Our expert team conducts a rigorous analysis of your brand, identifying the distribution channels and markets that will extract the most value from their unsold stock. Once we have identified the avenues that we see best, to ensure 100% satisfaction, we give the brand the final say on what countries they wish to continue with. 


Our Presence in Remote Parts of the World

Since launching in 2015, Take Off has gone from strength to strength, operating in 18 markets across Europe and Eastern Europe, many of which are remote and inaccessible by other companies. For each country we distribute to, we have a specialised team that understands their specific needs, wants, and demographics inside out. This means that we are able to provide brands access to new markets and revenue opportunities with minimal risk and maximum reward. 


Off-price sales channels provide brands and retailers with a great opportunity to not only shift unwanted stock but to also gain revenue from previously missed opportunities. Partnering with high-quality off-price retailers like Take Off can be a powerful secret weapon to brands operate more profitably and sustainably, while protecting their brand identity.


To find out how Take Off can help your off-price and full-price channels operate harmoniously, get in contact today.