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20 September 2020

Denim clothes were invented to sustain the worker’s desire to wear something durable, which would not get damaged at work. However, in the second half of the XX century, they became fashionable among grassroots as well.

Today, denim can be used for sewing almost any kind of thing, from trousers to skirts, tops, vests, jackets, etc. Originally designed for tough men, jeans are now much admired by women who seek comfort and new ways to express themselves.
Denim clothing is ideal for Nordic countries. It not only keeps the warmth but also is easy to wash. In fact, jeans can survive hundreds of washings, so there is no issue with getting dirty on a rainy day.
Denim garments are suitable for any age and social status. It doesn’t matter if a person is young or old, a construction worker or a famous politician.

Benefits of Jeans
Denim clothing
is practical. One can wear jeans at any time of the year, both in summer and in winter.
They do not require any specific care and do not lose in quality after washing.
Jeanswear is also convenient. They are universal for any occasion, from a simple stroll in a park to hiking
and climbing in the mountains. Probably, official events are the only exception.
Moreover, denim clothes are affordable. It is not that hard to find a good deal. Once you bought them, you
can use them for years if not decades.

“If you buy good quality denim jeans, you could wear them for maybe ten, twenty years. If you
know how to look after, wash and care for them, they could live with you forever.”
– Han Ates, Founder of Blackhorse Lane Ateliers

Care Label Denim Clothing
The Care Label project was initiated by Leopoldo Durante, a young designer with professional experience in denim production. The brand specializes in all kinds of jeanswear and distributes everything under the auspices of We Do s.r.l. Care Label is based on the principle “denim forever”. It is highly technological and tends to create durable and long-lasting products.
Care Label is known for its high involvement in the European movement for sustainable fashion.
For instance, it has designed the new “Don’t Overwash” care label and involved 14 promising European designers to implement it.

“A garment should live for a lifetime. And that’s only possible if you care for it in the right way.”
– Tim Labenda, Berlin-based designer

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