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Children’s Apparel: Our Brands

15 June 2022

At the intersection of sustainability and value is where you’ll find our off-price wholesale clothing company: Take Off. We’re on a journey to make fashion smarter by extending our garments’ lives and ensuring that every item of clothing is worn. That includes kids’ clothing.

This is why we’ll be introducing some of the clothing brands we have in our warehouse for children’s apparel.

We recognize that noteworthy kids’ clothing brands can be a journey to find. After deliberately searching, we have found 6 kids clothing wholesale brands that embrace the sense of fun.

Offering an extensive line of kids clothing wholesale brands like CHICCO, BIKKEMBERGS KIDS, FREDDY, PRIMIGI, AUSTRALIAN, JOHN RICHMOND KIDS is only one leg of the business that Take-Off stands on. As a reputable wholesale distributor, we ensure that choosing any of these brands will be the best choice for your fashion outlet or store.

If you want to know more about these brands, keep reading!

The Six Leading Kids’ Clothing Brands Your Store Needs


A brand that cares about safeguarding your children is this Italian brand. CHICCO prioritizes its customers’ needs by listening carefully to them and then developing concrete solutions. Present in more than 120 countries, this brand has represented its collections with intuition and originality for over 60 years.

You can now have a wide variety of children’s wear in your outlet store by ordering this brand via our kids’ wholesale clothing suppliers. Take Off wants to help you help mums and dads make their babies smile. If your customers are happy, we’re happy.


BIKKEMBERGS finds creative inspiration by fusing fashion comfort and sport’s strength. Ever since its establishment in 1986, the brand has developed a style that radiates self-confidence. Just like the grown-up collection, BIKKEMBERGS Kids’ Clothing and accessories express the same urban cosmopolitan style in their sportswear.

The BIKKEMBERGS Kids Clothing is now within arm’s reach of you, with loads of their most recent items in our wholesale distribution warehouse. Take Off ensures that you can also have a store full of designs that meet all children’s wardrobe needs.


Set up in 1976 by Carlo Freddi, this brand has evolved from creating professional footwear into complete apparel collections. The company’s core business revolves around sportswear and sport-inspired leisure apparel for men, women and children.

At Take Off, you can find FREDDY sportswear clothing wholesale for kids. It has been stated that fitness apparel and wellness lifestyles will become dominant in the following decades. What better time to join the trend and give your customers the lifestyle they desire than now?


This brand is well known for its commitment to accompanying children as they grow. They made their first steps in 1976 and have since been a leader in their home market. PRIMIGI takes into careful account that all its products are designed to ensure comfort, breathability, and durability.

Take Off shares the same vision as PRIMIGI to ensure a gracious future for all. For PRIMIGI, that’s children, and for us, it’s you who wants to stand behind a brand that’s innovative and valued for quality material.


Another children’s sportswear brand we adore is AUSTRALIAN, known for its authentic tennis-appropriate apparel. This brand is characterized for its class, quality, and functionality. It gives your children’s attire a sporty look and a comfortable fit.

If you are looking for children’s sportswear wholesale suppliers, we can offer you a wide range of different AUSTRALIAN collections. Their sportswear ranges from training jackets, training pants, t-shirts, and accessories.


David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Roxy Music, Punk and New Wave were the muses of this historic rock brand: JOHN RICHMOND. The nostalgic feel of rock music can still be traced in the latest JOHN RICHMOND JR collection with a modern spin on it.

A combination of dynamism, elegance and street style can be found in the JOHN RICHMOND collections we have available in our warehouse. If you agree that children need to dress in a playful way that takes care of their deepest needs, then the JOHN RICHMOND JR collection is undoubtedly one to have in your kids’ clothing store.


Whether it’s the sporty parents or a casual mom with kids who take after them you’re selling to, you should always consider having brands that have a kid’s best interest at heart in your store. If one of these brands complies with what your customers want, we have over 2 million fashion items in stock at our warehouses. We are waiting for you!