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May 12, 2020

Children’s Stock Clothing – Buy Wholesale Brands

Kidswear has always been in high demand. The reason is simple: children grow so fast! Therefore, there is a
constant need to acquire new clothes, despite any political or economic situation. It is as essential as
groceries if we speak about the buyers’ behaviour.

Knowing that some parents may struggle to cope with this mission, we would like to offer you children’s
clothing from famous European brands off-price. Your end clients will truly appreciate the natural fibres,
which make their young ones feel comfortable, bright design and, of course, an appealing discount!

Chicco – Kidswear for Little Ones

Chicco is an Italian brand of children’s clothing and toys. It also produces pregnancy, breastfeeding and
related products.
Chicco is loved in more than 120 countries globally for its cute, playful and high-quality clothes and
footwear. Indeed, it is one of the favourite brands among parents of newborns and babies aged up to 3

Champion – Children’s Sport Clothing

Champion has a century-long history of producing sportswear for any age and gender.
Its kids athletic apparel and activewear collection offers a wide range of products, from hoodies and T-
shirts to track pants and sport suits.

GEOX – Italian Fashion for Kids

The philosophy of GEOX lies in its breathable materials used for shoes and clothing. Even their motto states
“respira!” (breath!).
They produce some of the best sandals, sneakers, loafers and other types of shoes. GEOX shoes are highly
appreciated by parents globally, as their kids can explore the world and feel very comfortable at the same

Tommy Hilfiger – Stylish Junior Collections

Tommy Hilfiger has long been famous for its junior lines of clothes and accessories. Its bright, colourful and
stylish designs help children express their love for freedom and creativity.
Apart from T-shirts, dresses, shorts and other typical garments, Tommy Hilfiger offers all kids of
accessories, from backpacks and caps to belts and socks.

Calvin Klein – Casual Clothing for Children

Calvin Klein is often associated with jeans and underwear. However, it is also a successful American
children clothing & footwear brand.
Junior collections of Calvin Klein include T-shirts, swimsuits, shorts, slippers, jeans, etc.

Buy Kids Wholesale Clothing

Contact us to see our children’s stock clothing offers, or send us your wishlist. We have 100+ direct brand
agreements so that we can source practically any European kids fashion brand you need.