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How We Operate in the Times of Covid-19

20 May 2020

The coronavirus has greatly affected all industries, including fashion. Receiving multiple messages and concerns from our clients, we would like to share this brief note on how we continue operations during the outbreak of the global pandemic.

Order Placement

When the borders were open, many of our partners and clients came to visit our warehouse in Treviso or our showroom in Milan. Since people movement is restricted at the moment, we have moved to fully remote online order management.

You may contact our sales department and receive information about the available stock with all the details, as if you saw the goods in person, including:

  • article
  • photograph
  • category
  • gender
  • barcode
  • composition
  • made in
  • packing list etc.

Check out our latest offers to see what brands we have available.

Logistics & Transport

While it is forbidden for people to leave their houses, if not for first necessity, the transportation of cargos within Italy and abroad is still allowed.

At our warehouse, we’ve undertaken a number of measures to meet the sanitary requirements of the government. This includes maintaining the distance, making the staff wear masks, cleaning the areas regularly, and making the document workflow fully digital.

Drivers coming to pick up goods from our logistics must stay inside the truck, while the warehouse employees load it. All the required signatures on CMRs and other transport documents are then sent electronically, to avoid any unnecessary human interaction.

Finding transport can be difficult these days, but don’t worry! We offer full support in delivering the goods through our wide network of transport partners.

Payment Terms

We understand that the retail sector has been one of the hardest hit, therefore we are eager to offer more favourable payment conditions, in order to overcome this time together. Please, speak to the assigned sales manager to discuss how to adapt the agreed payment conditions to the current situation.

We wish you to keep safe and look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!