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20 July 2021

Having comfortable shoes is our daily necessity, be it for sports, work or going out. A good pair of shoes last year, so it is always a good investment. Below are some footwear brands from Italy that we especially appreciate for their excellent design and quality, and offer off-price.

Geox – Shoes with Breathable Sole
Geox was born in the mid-90s as a dynamic, future-looking Italian brand of clothing and shoes. Its name derives from the Greek word “geo” (“earth”) and the letter X, which symbolizes the company’s progressive and dynamic nature. GEOX footwear points to using breathable materials, which ensure the highest level of comfort. It prides itself on inventing a sole with holes for ensuring better air circulation and preventing overheating. The company produces sandals, sneakers, loafers and other types of shoes for all genders and ages.

IGI&CO – Footwear for Everyone
IGI&CO is an Italian brand created by Imac Spa Group in 2002, to introduce a new concept of footwear: leather shoes that are extremely lightweight and easy to walk in. Its current product lines include sneakers, boots, sandals and other footwear for men, women and children.
It is placed in the medium-priced segment, with its values including Italian quality, comfort and universality of use. IGI&CO shoes are designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, where people prefer practicality and a simple outlook, which can be combined with both casual and official looks.

Lumberjack – Urban Fashion Shoes
As its name suggests, Lumberjack was born in 1979, following the trip of an Italian artisan to Canada, where he got inspiration from the pristine beauty of its nature and the shoes worn by the local foresters.
Its symbol – a double maple leaf – underlines its connection with its origins, while its functional design
adapts to the desires of modern society. Today, it is a well-known urban fashion brand producing high-quality gymnastics shoes, sandals, boat shoes, boots and other types of shoes for men, women and children.

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