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Newborn and Children’s Apparel: Our Wholesale Selection

28 September 2022

Take Off is a B2B innovative trading company based in Malta that specialises in the distribution of off-price apparel, shoes and accessories from top Italian and European brands. Our core business is to buy excess inventory and clothing apparel returns from e-commerce from world-renowned fashion brands, helping them to extract value from unsold clothing stock by reselling it to new markets, primarily based in Eastern Europe. Not only does this help brands tap into previously missed revenue opportunities, but it also ensures that brands can operate more ethically by making sure that no item goes to landfill.

Take Off is a pioneer in the growing resale market and is proud to be part of the sustainable fashion ecosystem.

As one of the leading B2B wholesale clothing distributors, we offer a large selection of Newborn and Children’s Apparel at very competitive prices.

Discover the best Newborn and Children’s Wholesale Collections by CHICCO, LIU JO, ANTONY MORATO, CHAMPION, RICHMOND, TRUSSARDI and FREDDY and replenish your fashion outlets or chain of shops.

As a reputable wholesale distributor, we ensure that choosing any of these brands will be the best choice for your fashion outlet or store. Contact Take Off Sales Team and we’ll help you to do your selection in the best way possible.

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