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Scotch and Soda: A Story of Success

08 May 2023

Scotch & Soda is more than just a fashion brand – it’s a reflection of the free-spirited soul of Amsterdam.

With boundless optimism and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Scotch & Soda boldly celebrates the power of individuality and self-expression through its unique collections.

Each design is carefully crafted with an authentic and unique aesthetic that perfectly blends classic and contemporary styles, vivid colours and prints, and textures that are simply irresistible.

Practical yet full of surprises, Scotch & Soda‘s designs are the perfect addition to any wardrobe for those who want to stand out and make it their own. 

In this article, we’ll look at the history of this beloved Dutch brand, before zooming in on why including it amongst your store’s collections could help to elevate your offerings. 

Scotch & Soda: The Back Story 

This world-renowned brand was first founded in the heart of Amsterdam in 1985 by Laurent Hompes and Eric Bijlsma.

What started as a wholesale business for men’s clothing was soon transformed into a customer targeted business include collections for men women and even children.  

Sure enough, its popularity has since spiralled, marking it as global brand with 224 freestanding stores and 7,000 point-of-purchase in over 70 countries, including locations in Paris, London and New York.

Apart from having physical stores all over the world, this brand ships to over 70 countries through their online shop and is available at amazing wholesale prices at Take Off Ltd.  

This brand’s love for detail and premium quality is evident in each of their collections, which include their standout denim range Amsterdams Blauw, their footwear and eyewear, and their family of fragrances.

Recently, Scotch & Soda has started giving more importance to sustainability, leading to the introduction of a denim repair service in 2022.

This initiative enables customers to extend the life of their Amsterdam Blauw jeans and practice sustainable shopping. 

Why You Should Pick Scotch & Soda as Part of Your Collections 

 A fashion house that embodies the fun-loving spirit of Amsterdam, each collection released by Scotch & Soda is always a hit with the masses.

Scotch & Soda‘s unique designs and premium quality make them a great addition to any store’s collection. Certainly, this brand’s versatile collections offer something for everyone, from eclectic statements to richly detailed essentials, with a focus on practicality and surprising details.  

The brand’s premium denim range, Amsterdams Blauw, is a standout in their collections, featuring unexpected washes, prints and fabrics – such as Japanese selvedge, organic cotton and raw denim – every season.

Yet, this brand’s love for detail also extends to its exclusive footwear and accessories collections, which are sure to add striking touches to any outfit.   

Get Started and Add Scotch & Soda to Your Offerings 

If you’re looking to elevate your store’s collection, Scotch & Soda is a great choice.

Their global presence and unique designs make them a sought-after brand, and their commitment to reducing their environmental impact makes them an attractive choice for socially responsible retailers.

With a versatile range of men, women and children’s collections, including their standout denim range, footwear and eyewear, and family of fragrances, Scotch & Soda offers a modern, versatile wardrobe that lasts. 

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