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The Perks of Buying Wholesale Clothing for Your Retail Business

11 April 2023

When it comes to running a successful retail business, sourcing the right products at the right prices is essential.

This is why many retailers turn to wholesalers as a means of stocking their stores with fashionable and affordable apparel. As one of the leading wholesale companies in Europe, Take Off specialises in off-price clothing and accessories produced by top Italian and European brands.  

Take Off’s mission is to provide businesses with a sustainable and affordable means of ordering and stocking a range of items. However, the perks of buying wholesale stretch beyond wholesale pricing.

In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of buying wholesale clothing for your retail business and how this can provide your business with the competitive edge it needs to thrive.  

7 Reasons Why Investing in Wholesale Clothing is a Must for Your Business 

1. Extensive Range of Premium Brands  

When deciding which b2b wholesale company best suits your business needs, it is important to consider the amount of choice each wholesaler provides. One of the benefits of ordering from fashion wholesalers is gaining access to various premium brands and being able to order a variety of high-quality, branded items at one go.

Take Off offers outlets a selection of over 120 world-renowned brands that range from high-end luxury fashion brands to affordable fast-fashion chains. 

2. High-Quality Products 

Ordering and receiving good-quality items could be a cause of anxiety for some retailers. As items make their way through the sales funnel, handling and shipping could have a negative effect upon the quality and integrity of the items.

However, wholesalers radically reduce this risk by sourcing their stock directly from the brand manufacturers, so that retailers may offer their customers a level of quality and authenticity that would otherwise be inaccessible.   

When ordering from wholesale companies like Take Off, your items will have simply travelled directly from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, thus maintaining the products’ superior quality.

In the end, this ensures that you stock nothing but items in pristine condition and continue to offer high-quality products for your customers.  

3. Cut Costs 

Since wholesalers purchase their supply at a cheaper price from the manufacturer, when purchasing wholesale clothing you will also benefit from lower prices.

Additionally, as wholesalers have a large stock of products to sell, they are also able to offer attractive discounts and give retailers the option of buying in bulk.  

Naturally, the more costs you cut, the higher your profit margins will be, making wholesale a practical business option that will help your company to thrive. 

4. Quick and Efficient System 

All business owners know that managing a retail store is highly time-consuming. However, ordering from a wholesale company is a quick and efficient process that can save you precious time out of your busy day.

Instead of travelling to various manufacturers, attending trade shows or sourcing from various stores, simply order everything you need from one website that stocks all that you require.  

To improve our clients’ experience and guarantee a high-level service, Take Off keeps digitalisation and technology at the heart of its business model.

A carefully craffted digitalised catalogue is available to make the process of picking which items to purchase as smooth and efficient as possible. After ordering online, your items are delivered straight to your storage space for your optimal convenience.   

5. Stock an Array of Choices  

Instead of manually sourcing your items from different manufacturers, working with a professional wholesale company gives you instant access to a huge assortment of items.

Take Off’s range is made up of more than 2 million items sourced from 120+ brands, all ready to be sent out at a moment’s notice.  

Pick between several world-renowned fashion brands, styles, sizes and colours to suit your customers’ varying tastes without exerting extra time or effort. Giving you the ability to effortlessly stock your outlets with a diverse range of branded clothing, you will certainly gain a desirable edge over your competitors.  

6. Option for Professional Photo Shoots 

Marketing by showcasing your products online has become essential in today’s digital world. A beautifully photographed image could be the difference between making a sale and having your items sit on the shelves.

Take Off doesn’t just give you access to a vast range of items but even gives you the tools to effectively market and sell them.  

As part of their digital and technological offerings, Take Off provides retailers the option to get a professional shooting done at Take Off’s own photography studio, where HD pictures are taken to be used for marketing campaigns. 

7. Easier to Scale-Up 

When start-up retailers start turning a profit, it is natural to think about upscaling. Yet, whether considering opening a new boutique or expanding through e-commerce, scaling up will most certainly afford you even less time to source your products.

When ordering from wholesalers, you won’t have to worry about ending up with no stock or spending more time hunting down products. Simply make a larger order online and save yourself time and stress. 


Get Started with Take Off Ltd. 

Being one of the largest, B2B fashion wholesale distributors, Take Off makes it easy to start benefiting from wholesale purchases. Offering an efficient online system and a varied range of options from world-renowned fashion brands, stocking your store with high-quality products becomes a simple and swift experience.  

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