Take Care

The purchases we make can change the world: off-price fashion as a life jacket

07 February 2022

In a world where a coffee from Starbucks may cost more than a casual T-shirt, it’s getting hard to resist buying new items frequently, thus standing for environmentally conscious shopping. Fashion-related cheap fun is still one of the most expected entertainments, especially during the holidays and sales.

In a world where consumers are used to expressing themselves wearing new trendy items, the desire for the new clothes is something that may be impossible to change.

But do we believe that even frequent purchases we make can change the world? Absolutely, yes. Do we believe that buying even those garments that are not marked as “organic” or “recycled material” can change the world? Absolutely, yes.

Buying secondhand or off-price clothes is one of the best ways to support sustainability and the approach to making good buying decisions. It’s the best way to reduce the waste coming from throwing away unsold items.

In a world where Fast Fashion is leading, sustainable shopping is gaining momentum globally as well. Vintage shops and off-price stores or retailers that sell high-quality goods at low prices – are growing successfully. These shops, typically sell last season’s items or a variety of name brand apparel and products, consisting of merchandise collected from cancelled orders, returns, and closeouts.

Take Off provides both the companies and consumers to become a part of sustainability and stand for ethical decisions. With more than 120 Italian and European brands in premium, medium and mass-market segments that count more than 2 million products, we are looking for a compromise between «thinking about the environment» and «shopping spree», between «shopping spree» and «giving clothes a second life».

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