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The Top Kidswear Brands You NEED For Your Outlet

10 May 2023

As a retailer, finding the perfect brands for your outlet can be a daunting task.

This is especially true when it comes to kidswear, where quality, durability, and style all have to be carefully considered in order to appeal to the most fashion-forward parents and their little ones.

Fortunately, at Take Off Ltd, we have done the hard work for you and rounded up the top kidswear brands that are perfect for your outlet.   

From Chicco’s playful and practical designs to the stylish and high-quality pieces from Karl Lagerfeld, these brands are guaranteed to make a statement and appeal to a variety of tastes.

Whether you’re looking for casual, sporty, or elegant styles, Take Off’s excellent selection of kidswear brands is sure to meet all of your customers’ needs.

So, let’s dive in and discover what makes these brands the top picks for your outlet. 


Retailers should not overlook the incredible Chicco brand – the ultimate Italian brand specialising in baby and toddler clothing.

With a focus on comfort and practicality, Chicco uses only the highest quality materials to create a range of stylish outfits that cater to all occasions, from cosy sleepwear to elegant special occasion wear.

With a vast collection of sizes, Chicco makes it easy to find clothing that perfectly fits every child.  

If you want to offer customers a range of kidswear that combines style and functionality, Chicco is a great option.

The brand is known for its playful designs, bright colours, and durable materials that can withstand the rough and tumble of children’s play. 

2. Primigi 

Primigi is an Italian brand that focuses on children’s footwear.

This company offers a range of styles, from sandals to sneakers, that are both stylish and comfortable.

Primigi uses high-quality materials, including breathable leather and soft, flexible rubber, to create footwear that will last through all kinds of adventures. 

With Primigi, parents can be sure that their children are wearing shoes that support their development and provide comfort and stability.

As a retailer, including Primigi in your inventory will help you cater to parents who are looking for quality footwear for their kids. 

3. Antony Morato Junior 

Antony Morato Junior is a subset of the Antony Morato brand, that is dedicated toward creating high-end kidswear.

This renowned children’s clothing brand offers a range of stylish and sophisticated clothing for boys and has garnered a reputation for its impressive attention to detail and use of high-quality fabrics.

Apart from bringing high-quality style to the kidswear market, this brand’s collection is vast, including everything from casual t-shirts and jeans to formal suits and dress shirts. 

By including Antony Morato Junior in your outlet’s offerings, you’ll be able to cater to parents who want stylish, on-trend clothing for their sons.

The brand’s commitment to quality and design ensures that every piece will be a hit with parents and kids alike.  

4. Karl Lagerfeld 

Karl Lagerfeld is a world-renowned fashion brand that also offers a collection of kidswear.

The brand’s children’s collection features playful designs that incorporate the brand’s signature style.

From graphic t-shirts to colourful dresses, Karl Lagerfeld offers a range of options for fashion-forward kids that can’t resist a splash of creativity in their wardrobe. 

By including Karl Lagerfeld in your inventory, you’ll be able to offer parents and children the chance to express their individuality through fashion.

The brand’s unique designs and high-quality materials make it a great addition to any outlet. 

5. Champion  

Champion is a brand that has been making athletic apparel for over a century.

Their children’s collection offers a range of sporty and stylish clothing, including sweatshirts, joggers, and t-shirts.

Champion’s clothing is made with high-quality materials and designed to be both comfortable and durable. 

If you want to offer customers a range of athletic wear for their kids, Champion is a great option.

The brand’s commitment to quality and style ensures that every piece will be a hit with parents and kids alike. 

6. Liu Jo 

Elevate your inventory with Liu Jo, an Italian fashion brand that is sure to attract stylish parents and fashion-forward kids alike.

Liu Jo’s clothing for girls is designed with a perfect balance of style and comfort, making it the go-to choice for parents who want their daughters to look and feel confident in their outfits.

From casual t-shirts and jeans to formal dresses and skirts, Liu Jo has a wide range of options that cater to different occasions and styles.  

With Liu Jo as part of your offerings, you’re sure to offer trendy and comfortable clothing that will keep customers coming back for more.

For sure, you’ll be able to cater to parents who want high-quality, fashionable clothing for their daughters.

Thanks to this brand’s commitment to using premium materials and attention to detail, this brand’s clothing are both stylish and durable, making them a suitable choice for the sustainable shopper. 

7. Twinset  

Are you looking for chic and sophisticated clothing for young girls?

Look no further than Twinset, the Italian brand that has been creating elegant pieces since 1990.

With a passion for quality and fine craftsmanship, Twinset’s designs incorporate timeless styles with modern twists.

Their collection features delicate lace, knitwear, and floral prints that exude grace and femininity.  

Whether you’re searching for special occasion wear or everyday outfits, Twinset has got you covered.

From dresses and skirts to jackets and footwear, their kidswear collection caters to girls aged 4-16 years.

Don’t miss out on offering your customers the chance to dress their young ones in the finest of Italian fashion with Twinset. 

8. Geox 

Are you looking for a brand that offers both stylish and practical footwear for children?

Look no further than Geox, the Italian brand that has been revolutionising the shoe industry since 1995.

Geox is famous for its innovative approach to footwear design, using patented technology to create breathable and waterproof shoes that keep kids’ feet comfortable in any weather.  

Yet that’s not all! Geox’s kidswear collection also includes a range of trendy and practical clothing items, from jackets to trousers.

So if you want to provide your customers with high-quality, stylish footwear and clothing that can keep up with active children, Geox is the ideal brand for you. 

9. Moschino 

As a retailer, adding Moschino to your inventory is a surefire way to cater to parents who want to dress their kids in luxurious yet playful clothing.

Founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino, the Italian brand is known for its whimsical designs and bold statement pieces.

In turn, Moschino’s kidswear collection features trendy and colourful outfits that are perfect for children who want to stand out from the crowd.  

From casual t-shirts to stylish jackets, the brand offers a range of options for both boys and girls.

And with its line of accessories, including bags and shoes, Moschino has everything a fashion-forward kid needs to complete their look.  

10. Love Moschino 

Retailers, get ready to fall in love with Love Moschino, the diffusion line of the iconic Moschino brand.

Established in 1987, Love Moschino is known for its playful and eccentric designs that feature the brand’s signature logo.

The kidswear collection from Love Moschino is no different.  

With a range of stylish and comfortable clothing and accessories for boys and girls, Love Moschino is the perfect choice for parents looking to inject a bit of personality into their child’s wardrobe.  

From trendy t-shirts and sweatshirts to chic dresses and accessories, Love Moschino offers something for every child who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to Love Moschino’s use of high-quality materials and attention to detail, retailers can rest assured that they are providing their customers with clothing and accessories that are stylish and will last for years to come.