Take Note

Timeless Fashion Styles To Showcase This Summer

17 May 2023

Fashion trends come and go but some cuts and shades simply never go out of style.

When the summer months start approaching, as a clothing retailer or fashion outlet owner, your thoughts will inevitably turn towards the best way to curate a top-selling summer collection.

As wholesale clothing specialists with a passion for fashion, at Take Off we’re familiar with the ins and outs of building an appealing collection of clothing that appeals to the eye. 

To help you build a flawless summer collection every year (without fail), we’re sharing our number one wholesale shopping tip with you: never underestimate the timeless appeal of classic fashion styles!

Classic tees, flowy kaftans, denim shorts… various articles of clothing are staples year after year, and you certainly don’t need to read up on the latest trends to know you must have them in your store!  

To make the process even easier, in this article, we’re listing the top must-have items and clothing styles to offer your customers this summer (and indeed every summer!) including classic summer hues, cuts, fabrics and much more.

So sit back and enjoy our helpful guide to classic styles for summer before diving into our fully-stocked digital catalogue and picking from our range of world-renowned brands. 

Classic Fashion Styles to Sell Year After Year 

Relaxed Fits 

As the warm summer weather sets in, form-fitting clothing starts to feel restricting and sweat-inducing. Instead, your customers are more likely to gravitate towards loose silhouettes to keep themselves cool and comfortable.  

Female shoppers love the feminine and chic look that can be achieved with relaxed fits.

Think airy puffed sleeves, a-line skirts and lightweight sundresses, all of which can be put together into a comfortable but elevated ensemble that looks and feels fantastic for summer.  

When it comes to male shoppers, summer becomes the ideal time to loosen up about finding their perfect, peck-defining fit.

To allow their skin room to breathe, loose fitting t-shirts and breezy button-down shirts take a central role in their wardrobe, along with straight-cut trousers and shorts with a more generous cut. 

Pastel Shades 

Whilst dark shades are synonymous with wintery days, summer conjures up images of sunny golden rays, the shimmering pale blue of the inviting sea and strawberry ice-cream on a crunchy, pale yellow cone.

Since light and pastel colours are so deeply entwined with the summer months, they have become the go-to hues for summer shoppers investing in new clothing, year in year out. 

Aesthetically, pastel shades are inherently appealing when the weather is hot. However, beyond aesthetic reasons, light-coloured fabrics also help to keep your body cool by reflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them.

Make sure that your summer offerings include light hues and pastel shades to help your customers build the ideal, cooling wardrobe. 

Fun Prints 

From tropical prints to floral, come summer every retailer should stock a few fun prints for their more adventurous shoppers.

Each year, new exuberant prints start to trend and take over our wardrobes but some prints will always remain classics to be produced and worn time and time again.  

Gingham, stripes, polka dots and hand-made prints are timeless summer patterns that can be featured yearly in your outlets’ summer collections.

Customers love the way bold prints add a splash of colour to their outfits and infuse their look with a bright and joyous spirit.  

Co-ord Sets 

There is something about matching sets that everyone loves, whatever the season.

In summer, co-ord sets typically sell like hot cakes; both because of their elevated aesthetic and also because these ready-made outfits take away the effort of having to pick the right items to pair together.

These don-and-go options make dressing up effortless and will certainly never go out of style. 

Breezy Fabrics  

Light, breathable fabrics are a classic staple of any summer wardrobe. Going hand-in-hand with relaxed fits, organic breathable fabrics help to keep you comfortably cool and dry as you go about your day during the sunny season.  

Items made from 100% cotton, bamboo or linen are classics for a reason.

Renowned for their moisture-wicking properties and elegant aesthetic, these natural fabrics will never go out of fashion.  

Casual Chic 

If there is one fashion trend that is consistently embraced during the summer months, it is the casual chic style. Allowing the wearer to look smart whilst feeling comfortable, this signature style is exactly what summer fashion is all about.

Casual denims and white tees are typically paired with tailored summer trousers or lightweight blazers.  

As retailers or owners of outlet stores, we recommend showcasing both casual and chic items that can easily be put together to create multiple, casual-chic summer outfits that are timeless. 

Bare Some Skin 

Shorts, crop tops, mini skirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps and backless dresses. Whether you’re catering for your male or female customers, remember that summer is a time to show off some skin with the right array of fashion clothing.  

When tastefully coordinated, these items can look chic whilst keeping the body cool on especially hot days.

For female shoppers, think of a crop top paired with a maxi skirt and a mini skirt with a top that offers maximum coverage.

On the other hand, male customers could purchase a tank top to match with their breezy, straight-legged trousers and a breezy, button-down shirt to pair with loose-fitting shorts.  

Versatile Beachwear  

With the start of summer, resortwear takes on a fresh importance for your customers. The warm weather inspires indulgent resort getaways and beach days out for refreshing dips.

Thus, when putting together their summer wardrobes, customers typically look for beach-appropriate clothing that look great as they lounge on their sunbed but can easily be dressed up for cocktail hour in the seabreeze.  

When looking to order beachwear for your clothing outlet, you’ll find that many brands offer versatile beachwear collections that are brimming with appealing resortwear items.

We recommend stocking up on swimsuit coverups, kaftans, flowing dresses, maxi skirts and patterned blouses.