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Women’s Apparel: Our Brands

27 July 2022

The fashion industry is not typically known to be very sustainable. The affordability of clothing leads to an overconsumption culture. A culture that is very unethical and damaging to the environment. At Take Off we pride ourselves on our mission to make the fashion sector more sustainable and redistribute every fashion item produced. As one of the leading B2B wholesale clothing distributors, we offer inclusivity in our men’s, women’s and children’s apparel brands.

As part of a movement to support gender equality, we offer women’s wear brands that have the same – possibly even better – quality as that of the men’s.

You may have heard of these brands because they are all branded with quality and trend-setting. These brands are Twinset, Patrizia Pepe, GUESS, and John Richmond.

Let’s learn some more about them…



An Italian clothing brand with natural femininity and sensuality at its core. Twinset is specialized in making feminine knitted garments with vintage details that fit well into this modern time. The enchanting sweaters, dresses, and jackets carry irresistible elegance with fascination. This brand is recognized for its laces, tricot, delicate shades, sinuous lines, and silhouettes. A true dreamy brand with its own dimension.

If you want to give your fashion outlet a charismatic and polished vibe, Twinset is the perfect brand for you. It’s specially made for stores that attract lovers of elegance, refinement, and Italianness. Your search for wholesale websites for women’s clothing is finally over. We offer pulls, coats, jackets, dresses, shoes, bags and high-end accessories from Twinset’s multi-faceted reality.



This brand came to life by merging of the entrepreneur called Claudio Orrea and the passionate Patrizia Bambi. Creating a new idea for women, Patrizia Pepe was on a mission to make a brand women would recognize themselves in. This female-focused brand founded in Florence in 1993 wanted to make women conscious of their own bodies. For Patrizia Pepe, the woman pursues a holistic vision of well-being. She brandishes a strong, independent spirit.

If you’re searching for a brand that creates iconic garments with absolute originality, look no further than Patrizia Pepe. It’s a brand that’s curated by women who love to experiment. This brand’s collection has dual versatility and cutting silhouettes that can be worn during the day and night. It has recognizable features any courageous, sensual, irreverent and self-aware woman – as the brand describes it – would recognize. At TakeOff you can get Patrizia Pepe wholesale premium clothing online.



Rising from fame in 1981, Guess has grown into a global lifestyle brand. Apparel, denim, handbags, watches, eyewear, footwear and other products; are all part of their collections. Guess expanded itself into 100 countries with 1,174 retail stores in the Americas, Europe, and Asia over the years. The evolution of Guess jeans into a fashion enterprise left a mark on the world. In an age where women can also enjoy pants, Guess has constantly been innovating when it comes to women’s jeans – and even apparel.

Guess has clothing store wholesale suppliers worldwide responsible for the distribution of their products. At TakeOff we take our task seriously as a distributor for one of the most notable brands. Our warehouse is full of the highest quality Guess products. This means you don’t have to dig through our archives to find items you want for your store.



John Richmond is a favorite among women who think rock and glamor will always co-exist. Thanks to rock stars like David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Ro Music Music, and Punk, Christopher Richmond was able to give us collections full of rock inspiration. Every John Richmond piece marks a return and heralds a new future in this ever-changing society.

Take Off is one of the clothing store wholesale suppliers where you can find the latest John Richmond women’s wear collection. We resonate with this brand on its vision to question the pre-established certainties in life. John Richmond evokes rock through his creative elaboration that disorients certain beliefs. We aim to evoke sustainability by challenging ourselves to get every single John Richmond item we have in the stores they belong in.


Now you know much more about the different women’s apparel brands we offer for your fashion store. We’ve chosen these brands because of the different aspects that they capture of a woman. If you’re looking for wholesale websites for women’s clothing, we have over 2 million fashion items in our warehouse, including all of these 4 womenswear brands.