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May 15, 2020

Women's Stock Clothing - Wholesale Fashion

If you are wondering where to source elegant and well-priced garments for ladies for your chain stores you landed on the right page. We specialize in designer women clothing sold in bulk with very appealing discounts. Below are some Italian fashion brands that we especially appreciate for their elegant design and philosophy, and offer you to buy off-price.

Imperial – Modern & Trendy Fashionwear

Imperial is an Italian fashion brand founded in Bologna by Adriano Aere and Emilia Giberti. It prides itself for being among pioneers in fast-fashion production technologies back in the 70s, when nowadays mass
market brands did not even exist.
Imperial positions itself as a modern, trend-driven brand for fashionistas seeking to express themselves in
different ways. Its clothing mixes different fabrics, models, and prints, to invent new looks. Imperial’s
women collections include dresses, shirts, outerwear, jeans, blazers, sweatshirts, tops, skirts, suits, shirts, trousers and pretty much any other kind of fashion wear.

Giorgio Armani – Clothes with Eternal Elegance
Giorgio Armani is a legendary Italian high-fashion brand, whose capital exceeds $3 billion. For people all
over the world, it is a synonym of timeless elegance and exclusivity.
Women collections of Giorgio Armani include lines such as Giorgio Armani (haute couture clothing), Armani
Collezioni (tight-fitting suits and hand-knitted sweaters), AJ | Armani Jeans (denim clothes), Emporio
Armani (clothing in classic Italian style), A / X Armani Exchange (casual wear at affordable prices), to
mention just a few. Needless to say that even the most “casual” garment produced by Giorgio Armani
represents excellence and luxury.

Rinascimento – Modern Business Lady’s Choice
Rinascimento (from Italian “rebirth”) is a women’s fashion brand that prides being 100% Italian. Its design is focused on sensuality, femininity and elegance, balancing somewhere between strict classics and
contemporary glamour.
Rinascimento women collections include elegant dresses, business-style gowns, feminine outerwear, as
well as a wide collection of footwear and accessories. The brand tends to cater to the needs of a modern
business lady, dressing her to the highest standard from head to toes.

Twinset – Feminine Clothing
Twinset is a moderately priced Italian women's clothing brand that emerged from Simona Barbieri’s creative vision and Tiziano Zgarbi’s entrepreneurial spirit.
Its pastel-shaded clothes represent femininity and tenderness. This is coupled with materials such as silk,
natural wool or cashmere, which further makes Twinset clothing delicate and comfortable.
As of today, Twinset produces dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, underwear, swimsuits, bags, scarves and other goods.

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