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The 10 Best Italian Fashion Brands for Retailers

26 April 2023

Undeniably, Italy enjoys a prominent place within the world of fashion.

Home to Milan (the fashion capital of the world), various historic fashion houses, numerous iconic brands, and talented designers, it is not surprising that Italian fashion continues to dominate our daily clothing choices.

With this in mind, retailers should never underestimate the difference Italian-branded apparel could make for their stores.

The choice of prominent Italian brands is numerous and at Take Off, we offer a varied list at fantastic wholesale prices.

Naturally, each brand boasts its own unique style, offers a different range of prices, and is targeted towards a different group of shoppers.

So much choice can be somewhat overwhelming but fret not, to help you order just the right items for your retail business, we have put together a list of the 10 best Italian fashion brands to consider, complete with their back story and key stylistic qualities!

So, join us on this fashion-centred journey, and get inspired to infuse your store with a touch of Italian style.

Take Off’s Wholesale Guide to the Top Italian Fashion Brands

1. Stefanel


Founded in 1959 by Carlo Stefanel, the Stefanel brand is an Italian luxury fashion brand that produces gorgeous clothing and accessories, including sumptuous cashmere knitwear and soft Merino wool items.

Now owned by OVS, this brand has continued to thrive and gain popularity beyond the Italian shores.

With the aim of bringing timeless elegance to one’s everyday wardrobe, this brand’s products are designed to subtly elevate every woman’s look through sophisticated silhouettes and timeless hues.

2. Chicco

Despite being a household name amongst multiple parents worldwide, the Chicco brand started out as a modest, Italian-based company in 1958.

The brainchild of inventor and developer of pharmaceutical devices, Pietro Catelli, from the get-go this company was born out of a desire to offer superior solutions for parents and babies alike.

Fast forward to 2023, and this world-renowned brand boasts a presence in over 120 countries, offering everything from baby clothing to baby care products and toys!

3. Patriza Pepe

A Florentine brand created in 1993, Patrizia Pepe, has become synonymous with “irreverent sensuality” and bold contrasts.

Launched by two strong women for women, the brand seamlessly fuses day-to-day practicality with the allure of occasion wear, to provide women with a vast collection that embrace all their fashion needs.

Chic colour palettes, edgy prints and feminine silhouettes are all a given with Patrizia Pepe’s womenswear collections.

Recently, this brand has also branched out into the world of men fashion, bringing male shoppers a versatile range of clothing suitable for the most diverse occasions. From sporty to tailored, Patrizia Pepe’s menswear garments are classic yet varied.

Yet, this brand’s collection for men retains the same irreverent spirit that characterises all of these other collections.

4. Liu Jo

This contemporary Italian brand has been celebrating the female identity since 1995.

First conceived by brothers Marco and Vannis Marchi in 1995, Liu Jo has consistently flourished into a globally respected Italian brand.

Its distinctly dynamic and glamorous style was born out of a desire to enhance all aspects of femininity.

Yet, due to its penchant for innovation and fashion-forward designs, Liu Jo has continued pushing the boundaries of the fashion world.

From high-quality kids wear to womenswear and alluring beachwear, Liu Jo captures values of empowerment and self-confidence in all of its collections

5. Twinset Milano

Founded in Carpi back in 1987, this Italian premium clothing brand was initially launched with a focus on elegant knitwear for women.

Over the years, Twinset’s offerings have grown to bring women and girls more varied collections of apparel and accessories. Yet, elegance and femininity have remained at the core of this brand’s approach.

Think exquisite lace, delicate tulle, and sophisticated knitwear. Each collection is curated to produce on-trend wardrobes that are infused with the chic, feminine and timeless touch typical of Twinset.

6. Moschino

Named after its founder Franco Moschino, the Moschino brand is an undisputed leader of the fashion industry. In fact, what in 1983 started as a small Italian fashion house in Milan has now grown into one of the largest luxury fashion brands in the world.

Its claim to fame lies in the fun, bold and visionary approach which dominates its collections, achieved through vibrant designs and striking colours.

Nowadays, the Moschino brand has continued to grow and is the owner of various sub-labels, each targeted at different age groups and fashion needs.

Amongst them sits the beloved Love Moschino label which, following on the footsteps of the main Moschino line, caters for both men and women but is available at a lower price point.

7. Diesel

The number one brand for all things denim! Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, from the start this brand gained recognition for its innovative denim clothing and accessories.

Since then, it has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of fashion items, including on-trend clothing, footwear, and fragrances.

Diesel‘s clothing designs are often edgy and unconventional, with a focus on urban and streetwear-inspired styles.

Currently, this brand enjoys a solid global presence, with stores in over 80 countries around the world and, in recent years, Diesel has also become known for its sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly fashion collections.

8. Armani

A luxury brand which was built from the ground up, Armani was officially launched in 1975 on the beautiful shores of Italy. This brand’s namesake, Giorgio Armani, started out his fashion career as a window dresser and a menswear designer for Nino Cerrutti.

However, after banding together with his friend Sergio Galeotti to launch the Armani collection, this brand’s unique designs and attention to detail soon took the fashion world by storm.

Nowadays, the prestigious Giorgio Armani brand is home to various sub-brands such as Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange and Armani Jeans, all of which are available off-price as part of Take Off’s well-stocked list of brands.

Producing on-trend, contemporary styled items that are ready-to-wear but nonetheless luxurious, Emporio Armani caters to young professionals in their 20s and 30s.

On the other hand, Armani Exchange is infused with the luxurious style characteristic of the parent brand, whilst Armani Jeans remains the more accessible out of all the Armani sub-brands, designed specifically for young, fashion-focused adults with a tighter budget.

9. Antony Morato

“Adaptable, forward-looking and concrete” are the three pillars of the Antony Morato fashion brand.

Founded in 2007 by Italian fashion designer Lello Caldarelli, this brand has become known for its contemporary menswear designs, which blend traditional Italian tailoring with modern, streetwear-inspired elements.

From casual T-shirts and jeans to more formal suits and jackets, Antony Morato’s clothing collections feature a vast range of pieces.

Consistently, a strong focus on quality material and attention to detail have pushed this brand above its competitors, whilst its designs have garnered attention for their use of innovative fabrics and textures.


Founded by Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchin in 1974, Iceberg’s journey started in Italy with a focus on innovative and playful printed knitwear. In the 80s, this iconic brand took the fashion world by storm with its avant-garde designs, and its bold use of colour and graphics.

Indeed, early on, Iceberg cemented its reputation for being a distinctive and forward-thinking fashion brand.

Nowadays, Iceberg continues to push the boundaries with its bold, contemporary style and a strong focus on high-quality materials and artisanship.

Its varied collections feature a range of pieces – from casual streetwear to more formal dresses and suits – but its printed apparel, cartoon sweaters, hip-hop-style jeans and chunky sneakers remain at the heart of this high-end Italian fashion brand’s unique style.