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Sportswear Apparel: Our Brands

29 June 2022

Take Off isn’t just our name; it’s what we help fashion stores do. We dedicate ourselves to giving brands new opportunities to move excess revenue and access new markets. It’s no lie that sportswear is one of the most popular types of apparel out there. Athletes and non-athletes buy it for their training routines or simply for a comfortable look. As a sustainable brand, we offer stores sportswear clothing wholesale that is off-price and accessible to anyone.

That’s why we’re honoured to offer stores the world’s largest collection of sports apparel from reputable brands. This allows us to serve stores that sell to football, baseball, soccer, golf and anything that gets your heart pumping athletes.

Brands like Champion, Arena, Robe di Kappa, Plein Sport are the epiphany of our sportswear clothing wholesale. These brands are more than just sports brands: they celebrate pride and passion with every single one of your customers.


If you’re looking for the latest sports merchandise, Champion has sportswear wholesale suppliers all over the world. The vision of this sportswear brand came to life by three members of the Feinbloom family in 1919. Back then, they had partnerships with Wentworth Military Academy and Moe’s sports shop. Nowadays, they partner with big brands like Rick Owens, Super Mario Bros and Stranger Things.

One thing TakeOff and Champion have in common is our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. For that reason, it feels right to have such a brand as part of our wholesale premium clothing online for sports. We’re raising our efforts to provide stores with the latest Champion collection. Classic tees and shorts made with softer-than-ever cotton are a small part of Champion fashion items we have in our warehouse.


This brand came to life after the legendary swimmer Marc Spitz won 7 gold medals in a single Olympic Games. With its dedication to swimwear, Arena has products in different shops in 128 countries. Arena has worked together with the world’s best swimmers. This helped them gain in-depth knowledge of sport, water, and the human body to enhance its performance and capabilities. The Arena brand is very close to another significant brand/: Adidas, with its founder being the son of the Adidas founder.

TakeOff cares about the reputation of your store. That’s why we offer you a brand that has spent more than 40 years building a deep connection with watersports and athletes. We want to share this spearhead expertise paired with savvy design with you as one of the wholesale designer clothing distributors of this brand. Horst Dassler, the founder, knew that this would lead to the company’s success, and we assure you that having this brand in your store will lead to yours.


Robe di Kappa is a brand associated with the concept of freedom and portrays that with unisex and casual styles in its fashion collections. It’s safe to say that John Lennon inspired the 23-year-old Maurizio Vitale from Torino, Italy. So much so that he created a brand that recognizes peers who want to break free from the old formal conventions. Take Off shares Robe di Kappa’s vision of helping people have access to clothes that help them express themselves. We offer Robe di Kappa wholesale premium clothing online. Those years of the student movement and marches for peace are finally over. Thanks to Robe di Kappa, men and women don’t feel segregated anymore.


Plein Sport is a favorite when it comes to luxury sports items. After relaunching, German designer Phillip Plein focused on designing for those who desire luxury and sport. This brought high-performing garments, sweatshirts, and t-shirts to life.

We know how much your customers matter to you. That’s why we provide you with sportswear clothing wholesale that endeavors those who like to feel unique and dazed. If it weren’t for Phillip Plein’s will to detach from his rock-chic and bold designs, your fashion outlet might’ve missed out on the most sought-after luxury sports brand.

These brands all focus on giving their athletic consumers unique experiences. Even though they all have their own area of expertise in sports athleisure, they all give customers the highest quality sportswear. Take Off is your source for trendy sportswear with these brands in our warehouse consisting of more than 2 million fashion items.