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Why Choose Made in Italy Wholesale

05 February 2021

Made in Italy or “Italian Brands” is a guarantee that you are in trend.

Italy is considered one of the world fashion capitals, but why?

Why do fashionistas strive to take possession of a thing with the same tag? There are multiple reasons how Italy manages to remain at the centre of “shopping” and “fashion”.

1. The first reason is the historical significance of Italy among other countries.
Italy has a great history in the context of fashion. Particular influence came from the Vatican. It was the centre of Catholicism, where the Pope lives – a man who, by his popularity among the people, overshadowed the members of the royal families. To maintain the pope’s reputation, Italian virtuosos sewed the most sophisticated outfits. The skill of local weavers has become better from time to time, creating their own style in tailoring.

2. The second reason is the world-famous Italian brands.
These are fashion houses that we hear, know and dream about. It is they who set the trend for the global fashion industry. Thanks to them, we find out what the trend of this season and what is not, what other clothing brands will be guided by when creating their collections. Therefore, it is difficult to argue, saying that Italy creates a trend, the number of famous brands is proof of this.

3. The third reason is the Italian quality.
There are thousands of clothing factories in Italy and they have established themselves in the world market as the best manufacturers. The quality of Italian clothing has been honed for decades, the secrets of the production of which were passed down from father to son.

4. The fourth reason is Italians with their unique style.
If you are going to Italy, in addition to numerous attractions, the Italians themselves rush into the eyes of an ordinary tourist – incredibly sophisticated, refined people with a great taste of style. This concept of “beautiful” flows in their blood, because they are the heirs of Leonardo to Vinci, Michelangelo, Francesco Borromini and many other people of the era. Italian elegance and grace in fashion, recognized throughout the world.